I already have hearing aids

Well, how long have you had them? The life of hearing aids is typically a few years then they need to be replaced. Are they still working well for you? Our hearing aids are the latest technology and I’m sure you are aware technology changes very quickly.

I’m not really sure these will help me

Well, here’s the beautiful part about our offer. We give you a full 45 days to try them out. We want you to wear them in different environments and experience how much better you will be able to hear. If for any reason they do not work for you, you can simply return them and you will get a 100% refund. That’s how confident we are in our products. And, so you know, once you receive them we will call you and walk you through how to use them best and assist with any questions or concerns.

Are these hearing aids or just amplifiers?

Our products are hearing aids and manufactured right here in the United States. These exact hearing aids are being sold around the country for double or triple the price.

You have two options to deal with a mild to moderate hearing loss: ignore it (bad idea) or try hearing aids.

You might be wondering, why not just ignore it? Maybe it’s worked for you so far. … But has it? Hearing loss is frustrating not only for the individual who has the hearing loss but also for their family and friends. Family and friends will try to compensate and raise their voices to include you in conversation. But this is very exhausting and often people will just give up trying to have a conversation.

That’s probably not what you want. And if the hearing loss is more severe, there are other concerns: will you hear your doctor’s orders; will you hear the phone ring; will you hear the traffic when you are walking around? Plus research has shown that untreated hearing loss is linked to depression, social isolation, increased risk of developing dementia, an increased risk of falling down, and brain atrophy. Sound serious? You bet it is!

That’s why we suggest you try hearing aids. If you’ve never tried hearing aids before, then we suggest you start with our online hearing evaluation. (Click here to try it now.) No, it’s not a test. It’s just a few questions to help us understand how much you are and are not hearing. Based on your answers, we will suggest a range of hearing aids for you to choose from. If you have already tried hearing aids, then you can go straight to the category that’s right for your hearing loss: mild to moderate, moderate to severe, severe to profound.

Are hearing aids safe to test and use?

Absolutely! Hearing aids have been regulated by the FDA since 1977. At that time guidelines were established regarding the sale of hearing aids to ensure public safety. Today it is widely accepted that air-conduction hearing aids are safe to use … that’s the kind of hearing aids we sell. The only caution the FDA expressed regarding air-conduction hearing aids are for hearing aids with a maximum sound pressure capability greater than 132 decibels (those are the most powerful hearing aids).

If you are interested in purchasing a very powerful hearing aid, please give us a call so we can be sure that it’s not too powerful for you.

Do I need to see my doctor before ordering?

No, it’s not necessary. Federal law allows anyone 18 years and older to obtain a hearing aid without consulting a medical doctor. Hearing loss is most commonly a result of aging and there is no medical cure.

Many adults are under a doctor’s care to some degree and have the option of discussing hearing concerns with them. If that is not true for you, we suggest that if you haven’t discussed your hearing loss with a doctor that you do so, to be sure that nothing else is causing your hearing difficulties.

Do I need a hearing test before purchasing a hearing aid?

A hearing test is not required to purchase a hearing .Many first-time hearing aid users have a mild to moderate hearing loss and will find that any of our low-power hearing aids will work great for them. Also, if you have taken an Audiogram, you can send that to us and we can custom tune your set.

Why use two hearing aids instead of one?

If you’re like most people with hearing loss, you probably have hearing loss in both ears. In which case, you’ll most likely have more success if you use two hearing aids. Using both your ears to hear and understand doubles the sound signals your brain receives. It also means each ear works less and you hear more.

Just as you rely on both of your eyes to judge distance, you need both of your ears to locate the direction of sounds. Such information is crucial in traffic or other situations where your safety is a concern.

The best part is that you can decide for yourself if one or two hearing aids are better. You always get a 45-day home trial on each hearing aid you try. We recommend that you try two hearing aids. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return one or both of the hearing aids in original condition within your trial period for a full refund.

What rewards do I get with the Hearing Rewards community?

Your rewards include access to health care professionals 24/7 as well as discounts on shopping, travel, membership and subscription services