Amazing Technology Packed
In A Amazing Design

All the groundbreaking things Sonic Ultra™ can accomplish are driven by the custom designed Adaptive Chip proudly made in the United States. Sonic Ultra™ provides endless solutions for your lifestyle in a device so small.

Easily Adjust the Volume

Need to turn the volume up just a tad bit? Not a problem, within just a few moments you can easily adjust it right from the very top of the Sonic Ultra™.

Perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Looking for a pair that will help you experience life with amazing clarity? These are for you without shelling out $5,000+.

SONIC Ultra™

Open the box and experience clearer hearing.

How Old Are Your Ears?

Watch this video we prepared to learn more.

Very Discreet. No,
That’s Not a Typo

No one has to know you are wearing hearing aids. The Sonic Ultra ™ has flesh-toned domes that blend in with most skin tones.  The quality of sound is just as amazing whether you’re listening to your favorite TV show, news channel, or songs.

Say Goodbye to Saying “What?”

No more maximum volume when watching TV

Begin To Experience Enhanced Sounds In Your Life

Hear Your Loved Ones Again With Clarity

Enjoy Life of Leisure

Sonic Ultra™ hearing aid packs the latest hearing technology in the smallest form – to meet your individual hearing needs With the Adaptive Directionality™ Techonology , you have no need toddle with it to cancel any background noise.

For Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Adaptive Directionality™ automatically switches between microphone settings based on noise in the background while maintaining amazing feedback to the source of speech. This provides you with extraordinary performance and understanding with a seamless transition to different listening modes without any adjustment by you while wearing the SmartFit Elites™.

Proudly Made in The USA

Packed with American ingenuity, our hearing aids are built strong and are meant to last long. They are the result of thousands of dedicated people working hard every day to achieve a common goal: helping our customers hear their very best without compromising on quality or values.

Backed by Our 1 Year Hassle Free Warranty

Since we only use the best parts, Hear Better For Life Hearing Aids come with a 1 Year Iron Clad Warranty, that covers anything that goes wrong with your hearing aids. Even if you lose your hearing aids, we will gladly replace them for you on the spot!

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 X Pair Of Sonic Ultra™ Hearing Aids
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Iron Clad Warranty
  • 1 X Travel Case
  • Exclusive Support For You
Yes! I want to hear again!

Ongoing Support

Our team of dedicated hearing helpers and licensed hearing professionals are here to help, support and guide you through every step of the process. Plus, you get your own personally assigned Hearing Professional to help guide you from your first Welcome Call to ongoing Success Check-ins. We’re with you every step of the way.